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Kasim's exceptional skills and   diverse experience has guided my professional

development as a person of color, which has allowed me to strengthen and foster relationships both internally and externally within my organization. Kasim is the perfect mentor for me and other diverse professionals who seek a pathway of success within large organizations.

Higher Education & Entreprenuer

Kasim's mentorship and brotherhood has helped me earn a graduate

degree, develop a vision for my life and give me more of an understanding of who I am and who I want to become. Kasim has blazed a trail for me as a young black man. He continues to set the bar high in the pursuit of changing popular culture, challenging the social norm, and living as an impactful community leader.

Higher Education/ University

Kasim is by far one of the most crafted and thoughtful minds that I have had the opportunity to interact with. I cannot express how essential his support has been in my growth and development as a minority and a young professional. He always makes himself available and is always genuine, candid and professional through every interaction. His unique and influential nature comes from his educational and professional background which gives him a powerful perspective to influence

change in the realm of social justice and equity.

K-12 School linked Mental health

As a person of color I have had to learn to navigate spaces where I am the minority. This journey has, at times, been difficult and trying, however, a main reason I have been able to maneuver and advocate for myself in these spaces has been Kasim and

his mentorship. He has provided the guidance, knowledge, and validation that I needed as a young professional of color. As a Latina I have faced obstacles that challenge my ability to bring my whole self and experience to a space. Through Kasim's mentorship I have gained skills to advocate for myself and my community, which has positively impacted the work I do with clients.

Community Mental Health

The knowledge Kasim has imparted to me has been invaluable to my professional

career.  His most powerful attributes are that he believes in equality,

empowering and educating women.